Content Copywriting in York

We offer professional copywriting services to businesses, charities and projects in York, Yorkshire and worldwide

Copywriting, not to be confused with copyrighting and copyright, is the creation of well written and engaging text for websites and other online platforms.

Typically a brand, business or project will commission a copywriter to create unique and interesting text that describes their activities, goals, products or services to increase awareness, attract new customers or increase sales.

Copywriting for websites is extremely important, this is because search engines and people need to know what your business is about. Unlike people though, search engines can't see images, watch videos or hear audio files - all they have to distinguish your website from another is the text. A search engine values content over anything else, and their algorithms are so sophisticated now that they can tell well written text from poorly written text, and whether or not your visitors found what they were looking for on your website.

Unique, well written text, is like gourmet food to search engines and your website's visitors. Badly written or copied text is like arsenic to seach engines, and a total disappointment to your website's visitors.

People come to websites to find something out or be entertained. If the text on your website is poorly written, full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, or just copy-pasted from soemwhere else they've probably already seen, people will assume this is a reflection of you, your brand, project or business, and that you have little to no idea about what you are doing.

Furthermore, if your website visitor finds the information they need from your website, they will let others know about it via blogs, Facebook and Twitter etc, causing the number of website visitors to increase.