Facebook and Social Media Marketing

York Interweb has stayed at the cutting edge of online advertising for over fifteen years, helping clients discover new opportunities offered by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

We can advice you on raising awareness of your brand through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

If we believe any of the current top ranking social media platforms are a good fit for your brand we will advise you on the best course of action to utilise these addition opportunities outside your own website.

We can guide you through the useage of various social media platforms, or manage the whole process for you.

York Interweb's Social Media Marketing Services can help you:

  1. Developing Facebook pages with your branded graphics and your branded Social Ads and seamlessly integrating your website with your Facebook page.
  2. Creating a unique YouTube channel and edit videos, which enforces your company's brand awareness and sends people to your website
  3. Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc to your best advantage, advising you on strategies to avoid and those to adopt.
  4. Managing social media ad campaigns to maximise sales and/or viewer interactions.